100 Hoxton, Shoreditch

Last week, my friend and I visited 100 Hoxton. I am not eating meat during Lent, which made picking a restaurant quite difficult. Mother had been to 100 Hoxton before and said that there were pescetarian options. When I checked their menu online, I was pleased to see they had a category call ‘Ocean’. 

Mother also warned us that despite the reasonably priced food menu, indulging in the cocktail menu would quickly bump up the bill. This was true. 

My selection from ‘Ocean’ was the scallops. They were delicious… all four of them. Yes. Four. The downside to dining in hip and trendy places is they sometimes forget that you are there to be fed and do silly things like give you merely four scallops.

Dessert was rather scrumptious, again slightly on the small side, but scrumptious nevertheless. 

My advice would be, don’t go there if you’re actually hungry, as I was. It’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere great for meeting up with friends.  You can also visit just for cocktails at the bar. 

Harleigh Reid
Harleigh Reid

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  1. Anonymous
    15th March 2014 / 11:45 pm

    yes, i agree. definitely still had belly space after that meal