11. Wholemeal Bread

After reading through numerous recipes and methods in my baking books, online and in specific bread books, I decided to take on the challenge of making a loaf of bread. I chose what appeared to be the simplest recipe to follow ‘Simple Wholemeal Bread’ from The Cook’s Book. The recipe is one page but the complete bread-making and kneading methods are over three pages. You will need a food thermometer to make this bread as it requires water at specific temperatures; I got mine here.

This recipe asked to use fresh yeast but also gave a method if you were using dry, which I followed. I’ve never worked with yeast before and didn’t realise how much it smelt!

I accidentally whacked the tin with the proved dough inside on my work surface when dusting with flour, which caused the dough to deflate slightly and meant that the baked loaf was slightly denser than I’d hoped. Also, my new oven is hotter than my old oven and I’m still adjusting to baking with it. My loaf was slightly darker than expected but still edible. 

Mum thought it was delicious – but she’s biased. 

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