Little almond, polenta and lemon syrup cakes

I’ve realised that I won’t be able to keep up my ‘bake a week’ on a weekday so, I’ve moved it to the weekend.
Second bake of the year – Little almond, polenta and lemon syrup cakes. Recipe again from Easy cakes & cookies (page 28).

I followed the entire recipe and found that it actually made 16 muffin case sized little cakes. I made the quantity of syrup the recipe instructed but only used a small amount (enough to cover and allow the almonds to stick). The picture in the recipe book also has some lemon zest on top of the cakes so I added some.
I’m not the biggest fan of almond but quite enjoyed these as the flavour wasn’t too strong and didn’t overpower the lemon. Polenta cakes instead of the typical flour made them lighter than I expected and they also weren’t too sweet.

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