45. GBBO: Greek Honey and Pistachio Cake

For European Cake week I chose not to make any of the recipes provided on the Great British Bake Off website from the episode. I almost went for Luis’ Kugelhopf recipe but I don’t have any of the special shaped cake tins. I will invest soon and have to come back and give it a go.

If you Google ‘european cakes’ you’ll end up with a list of links to GBBO recipes, followed by my trusted inspiration mood board Pinterest. I then was reminded of the countries that are in Europe and all the delightful bakes they have created, most of which however, required some specialist tin, tool or technique I did not have time for. I’m baking in a rush at the moment if you couldn’t tell.

I found a “Jamie Oliver” recipe here. I say “Jamie Oliver” as it was written up by Jamie’s bloggers onto his website which was probably noted down from the show so I wouldn’t rely on the accuracy. I, again, had to delve deep into my inner Mary Berry for some baking common sense with this, as I couldn’t possibly just put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix as written. It isn’t the greatest recipe for a Greek cake, I’ll be following one from Souvlaki from the Soul next time I think.

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