46. GBBO: Lemon Tart

I have skipped weeks three and four themes of the Great British Bake Off for now.  I wasn’t quite able to squeeze in the time to make ice cream, construct it into a Baked Alaska, prove Ciabatta dough for six hours, go to work and get back into my first week of university. The theme for week five of the Great British Bake Off was Pies & Tarts. Inspired by Norman’s slightly disastrous Lemon Tart I fancied a go. I’m a bit dubious about following the Bake Off contestant recipes when they haven’t gone very well, so I found a Lemon Tart recipe in a trusted tart book I have.

The method for the pastry is not on the same page as the lemon tart filling so be sure to note down all the ingredients you need if you purchase the book. I had some difficulties making the pastry (who doesn’t). I’ve made pastries from this book before and had no problems, but this one seemed really wet and then got really dry once it had absorbed as much flour as possible in the rolling out.

The filling of this tart is not a lemon curd as would be in a lemon meringue pie, but more like a set lemon custard. Delicious regardless. 

I got this lovely cake slice in T.K. Maxx for half price recently. I love T. K. Maxx and their sister store Home Sense for home and kitchenware. I also bought a glass jar which needs filling… hmmm. 

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