47. Dark Chocolate Orange Bourbons

It’s National Chocolate Week, yay! It’s also the week I ordered Ruby Tandoh’s first baking book, Crumb. The book itself is so lovely; textured hard back cover, excellent quality pages, and beautiful design. Inside is everything I remember of Ruby from the Great British Bake Off last year.

I’m trying to kill as many birds with as few stones as possible with this bake. Unfortunately, I already made my biscuit week bakes for GBBO, so this wasn’t one off that list. However, these Dark Chocolate Orange Bourbons meant that I got straight into a recipe from Crumb, did something for National Chocolate week, and used a piping bag – my kitchen nemesis.

I’m not going to give you the recipe. That would just be a waste of time seeing as you’re going to order the book now from here or here.

I will add though, that there isn’t a desired rolling out thickness in the recipe. I did what you’re not supposed to do and looked at the pictures on the opposite page to guess. Some of my biscuits were a little too thin; I assumed the sandwiching of two biscuits would bring the biscuit-ness up to perfect thickness. How wrong I was.  A couple may have caught slightly (those would be the spare I would just hide from Mary and Paul) but the rest were splendid.

I piped a slightly thinner line of filling than was pictured in the book, but once I squished the biscuit on top it was the perfect amount. Mum and Dad aren’t keen on buttercream so the less the better in my house.

Ruby also has a column in the Guardian newspaper’s ‘Cook’ every weekend. Follow her on twitter here

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  1. 28th October 2014 / 1:53 am

    Mmmmmmm…..They turned out really lovely. Never thought of making chocolate bourbons before!

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