49. 100th Blog Post! Celebration Cake!

100. One hundred.

For my 100th blogpost, and celebration of becoming www.thesmallslice.co.uk, I decided to make my very own showstopper challenge in the form of a layered celebration cake.

One of the first blogs I ever came across was by Steph at Raspberri Cupcakes, and this recipe is one of hers. It’s pinned in her side bar as Purple Ombre Sprinkles Cake.

I followed her recipe exactly (except my colour choice but I did use the Wilton Gel Colour) including the note to make 4 layers instead of 5 if you have 20cm cake tins. Luckily, unlike Steph, I have two cake tins so could do two layers at a time.

I’ve never iced a whole cake before but I did a 5 week cake decorating course this year and remembered something about crumb coating.

Getting the sprinkles on the sides is fun. I stood my cake on a cake board covered in pink sugarpaste, and placed the whole thing in a large plastic container. Then I kind of simultaneously threw and squished the sprinkles into the side. I would consider my technique rather genius if I do say so myself.

Sprinkles everywhere!

The cake came out rather heavy, but it had a lovely flavour. The buttercream was also a really smooth and even texture.

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  1. 25th November 2014 / 11:47 am

    "Awesome!!! lovely texture, flavor and crumb!"

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