9. Fried Bananas

I’m still oven-less, and on a strict Lenten anti-junk food regime, but I really fancied a dessert of some kind today.  I caught some of Saturday Kitchen Live this morning where James Martin did Waffles with hot chocolate sauce, fried bananas and ice cream. Thanks to Lent, waffles and ice cream are firmly out of the question, but my house is stocked full of fruit so I figured I could still enjoy the bananas. 

You can follow the full recipe (if you’re lucky enough to have a waffle maker) or just use the section about the banana like I did – I used a fraction of the amount as I only used one banana. I also didn’t have butter, so I used some Flora light spread and it worked perfectly fine.

 We’re virtually an Alpro household now, so I had some vanilla alpro yogurt as an accompaniment to my bananas instead of ice cream.

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