Welcome to The Small Slice. 

I’m Harleigh. Baker, blogger, boss. 

I blog here at thesmallslice.com most about what I’ve eaten, baked or places I’ve visited. Sometimes I blog a little, sometimes I blog a lot, but I’m most active on Instagram!


Most of the recipes I make are from one of my many cookbooks. I don’t create many of the recipes myself and always mention where the recipe is from and, where I can, who wrote it. If you think I’ve incorrectly credited one of your recipes, let me know.

I trust other food bloggers more than the results of a google search for ‘x recipe’ so you may find I reference my favourite bloggers time and time again. Speaking of which, here they are.




My bookshelf looks like this.

Eating out

Initially, The Small Slice was to be a weekly baking blog, but I figured why limit myself to that. I love eating! Especially when I didn’t have to spend hours making it myself. You’ll find my eating adventures on the ‘dining’ tab. 

I take all my pictures myself (unless explicitly stated) on my Canon 500D or iPhone 6. I don’t have any real kit as such, no lights, external flashes or stands. You may find half way through a post I’ve put a baking tray on the patio for natural lighting. Desperate times, desperate measures. 

Contact me

You can contact me using any of the social media links I have on the right hand side of the blog or email me at thesmallslice@gmail.com

I hashtag on Twitter and Instagram (both @TheHarlsz) using #harleighmade and #thesmallslice.

Content Disclaimer

If I’ve been invited somewhere to review, gifted something or sponsored in any way, I’ll say so in the post. Food is love, I’ll never lie. All opinions and views are my own.

I use Skimlinks where I can earn a small percentage of commission on sales through my personalised links across my platforms including Twitter.

Thank you for visiting! 

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