Bird Restaurant, Shoreditch

Repeat after me: this doesn’t count as breaking my diet. This doesn’t count as breaking my diet. 

For some reason, directly after about a month of feasting, my friend Meghan decided it was time to take me out to dinner. Food addict that I am, I always have a list of restaurants on my phone just waiting for opportunities like this to arise. I chose Bird.

I follow @bird_restaurant on Instagram and have seen them becoming increasingly more popular over the recent months. Not only do they serve fried chicken and waffles *scream* but also a variety of daily baked doughnuts. I felt like I was in New York all over again. 

I couldn’t help but order the biggest thing on the menu – Chicken and Waffle Burger. Boneless thighs, thick cut bacon, American cheese, crispy shallots, hot sauce and Canadian maple syrup, between two cheddar & onion waffles. The boneless thighs are protein for sure, shallots are 100% vegetables and then waffles for carbs – I’d consider that a balanced plate! This isn’t breaking my diet remember.

A Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwich. Okay, there’s no justifying this. 

One scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched in a cinnamon doughnut with whipped cream and caramel sauce.  You can have chocolate sauce too!

Thoroughly enjoyed my first (there will be more) experience at Bird. Visit their website to book a table and go check it out!

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