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I’ve been making more time for breakfast recently, in a bid to stop spending money buying something on the way into work, and satisfy me so I don’t graze all day. Pinterest is full of exciting and fulfilling breakfast ideas, but I always come back to porridge.

When I started making porridge again last year, rolled oats just weren’t cutting it. From a baby bear right through to high school, my winter mornings were warmed with Ready Brek, so I’ve always been used to a porridge with a smooth fine texture. After a few Goldilocks “this porridge is too lumpy!” attempts, I discovered oatmeal.


The packet has a suggested cooking guide but I’ll share my method.

Start by heating 400ml of nut milk (I use Alpro’s coconut and almond) in a small saucepan over a medium heat until it simmers. Use a fork to whisk in 40g of medium oatmeal and reduce the heat. I like to stir occasionally until it thickens and reaches the desirable consistency – usually takes 12-15 minutes.

Porridge preference is personal, so you may have already perfected your base porridge you’d rather stick with. But the major key that I insist you add is Pip and Nut’s maple crunchy peanut butter! Roasted peanut, coconut oil, maple syrup and crunchy sea salt. DIVINE!


It’s limited edition so get some NOW! If you shop in my local Sainsbury’s you don’t stand a chance, I’ve practically bought them all for a year long supply. If you do manage to get your hands on a jar, get drizzling (or scooping) onto your porridge this winter – you won’t be disappointed.


Sometimes I don’t have the additional 20 minutes in my morning routine, and return to rolled oats for overnight oats. Check out an old post I did in 2014 when I first started making them!


The flavour combinations are endless here, but I always like to include banana for a creamy thickness.

Place 40g rolled oats and 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a jar or container, and pour in your choice of milk to twice the height of your oats. Mix together and stir in your fruit. Add a dollop of your favourite nut butter or test your muscles and squeeeeeeeeze it out!

Pop it in the fridge before bed and when you wake up, breakfast is served.


If you’re as nuts about Pip and Nut as I am, then grab their debut cookbook for more amazing ways to get more nut butter in your life!


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