Brgr.Co, Soho

I was very tempted to just leave these pictures here with just a title, as I’m sure they speak for themselves, but I’ll tell you a little bit about my visit to Brgr.Co, Soho. Their menu is, you’ve probably guessed, mainly burgers. If you’re good at something, which they are, then I see no reason to have to serve anything else. 

I ordered the guacamole & bacon burger with sweet potato fries, and my burger munching accomplice Tyler ordered the cheese & bacon burger with the chilli con carne fries.

I am anti-rare meat (sue me) so asked for my burger to be well done, and Tyler had his medium-rare. I was very happy with my burger; still very moist and loads of flavour. 

Sweet potato fries that aren’t a tiny piece of potato in a thick salty, sugary coating – Brgr.Co know good fries. The waitress warned us that the chill con carne fries were spicy but Tyler had no issues chowing down the whole pile. 

On the tables when we arrived were little cards promoting payment via the app Velocity – if you do you get £10 off your bill! Thanks very much Brgr.Co


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