Cyprus: Molti, Protaras


My favourite restaurant of the holiday! We ate there for dinner twice, and had dessert there three times. The staff were super friendly and attentive and the food was amazing. I had dinner at one restaurant (Erato – DO NOT EAT THERE) and it was awful, but my best friend had one at Molti and really enjoyed it. More often than not I forget to photograph dinner as I just get stuck in, so here’s a diary of desserts from across our visits.


Crepe with banana and melted milk chocolate.
Chocolate ravioli.
Waffle with strawberries, white chocolate and ice cream (my favourite). Honestly the best waffle I’ve ever had, fresh made and delicious!
Waffle with biscuit and chocolate.
Molti have a normal dessert menu including various ice cream combinations but also have a separate strawberry dessert menu which includes every strawberry combination you could think of. One evening we were given complimentary strawberry juice and it was quite nice. We didn’t go there enough to have sampled everything but what we did have was lovely.
If you’re ever in Protaras you must must must go here! 🙂
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