Fish Market, Bishopsgate

On Wednesday night, my friend Selina and I had dinner reservations at Fish Market, Bishopsgate. It’s on New Street, right opposite Liverpool Street station, which is really convenient for the both of us.

I booked Fish Market after searching for restaurants in the area on Open Table. It had good reviews, plus a thumbs up from my mum who has been there before. 
It’s modern and clean, with amazingly friendly and attentive staff. Now onto the best stuff, the food. 
A complimentary bread board was brought to the table while we were browsing the menu. I’ve got bread problems, and if it’s good I’m going to eat it all. It was good. After ordering I asked for another one, which our waitress brought over right away. Real butter too! There is no substitute for real butter. 
I ordered the Dark and Stormy cocktail. I was only introduced to this drink last year and now it seems to be on every cocktail menu I look at (quite a few). Why had I never noticed it before. Perfectly mixed, and marginally more enjoyable than the stronger version I had enjoyed at Duck and Waffle.   
There’s never a reason to not order starters. I don’t care if you just ate, or if you’re not that hungry. You may only be here once and it’s vital you take as much in as possible. Selina picked the Dressed Cornish Crab. Squid fiend that I am, the salt and pepper squid was kind of a no brainer. 
Absolutely delicious. Selina made a point that squid doesn’t really have much of a taste and it’s more about what you do to it, and how you cook it. I’m not sure who designed this recipe but well done. The shavings of garlic were pleasantly surprising. 
Someone’s hungry. 
Mussels with fries and shellfish spaghetti. Divine. 
Now time for my favourite part of any evening. I haven’t had a sticky toffee pudding in ages, and I’m sure the last one I had was only from Tesco. It is the perfect winter pudding, sweet and warming. 
Selina opted for the Apple pie. It was listed with custard but I spied the table next to us swapped thier custard for ice cream, so you could do the same if you’re not keen on custard, like me.
Green tea to wash it all down.  
We were absolutely stuffed, which only seems right seeing as we’d been eating for almost two hours. I would definitely go back to Fish Market and have already recommended it to a friend. 
Harleigh Reid
Harleigh Reid

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  1. Paulina
    10th February 2015 / 9:31 pm

    Hi there! I really enjoyed reading your post on the Fish Market. I was hoping I could contact you via email to ask a couple of questions, could you let me know where to reach you? Thank you!

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