Food Coma, Camden

Calories don’t count on the weekend.

My friend Olivia and I set off on a freezing cold adventure into Camden on Sunday. I don’t think it could have been any colder without snow. We needed warming up pronto!

Winter wonderland nostalgia. No, better. 

Selina gave me a heads up about a food stall she’d eaten from before – Duck Confit. Brioche bun, mustard, rocket… Hello, have we met before?

A warm, spiced duck filled equivalent of my gorgeous Granger and Co. brunch. I was very impressed. There are a range of cheeses available which, once selected, are sliced and grilled until just melting before being laid on the crispy confit duck.


There isn’t much space around the food stalls, or many seats. So there I was, squeezing through around a hundred people in the market with mustard up my cheeks. Totally worth it if you ask me, and plus it’s all part of the Camden way of life.

Olivia’s a pescetarian (sigh) so my duck delights were completely unsuitable. We were on a prawn hunt.

We walked over from Camden Lock up to the Stables. Chinese, Chinese, Chinese everywhere and not a single salt and chilli prawn. We were saved by a lovely little Chinese lady who offered to make Olivia some salt and chilli prawns. Result.

After some vintage browsing, Olivia bough this sheepskin jacket, deserving a photo shoot all of it’s own. 
My sweet tooth was tingling. 

Churro’s you say?

Batch Bakery have completely revolutionised the brownie game with these bad boys. We rushed over for a S’mores brownie (another recommendation from Selina) but unfortunately they had just run out.


I went for the Cookie Dough and Olivia chose the Peanut Butter. 

Batch Bakery, I’ll be back. 

The hand of the brownie goddess herself.

We were really full and stopped on our journey home for some water after all the salt and sugar we’d put ourselves through. I may or may not have then gone out to dinner later…

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