Granger & Co, Clerkenwell

Enjoying National Breakfast Week in style with my girlfriend Selina. 

We went to Granger and Co. yesterday morning for breakfast at their Clerkenwell branch. They’re an Australian company founded by Bill Granger, which also meant we could have our own pretend little Australia Day celebrations. We kicked off our breakfast with some green tea, which came in the most adorable For Life stump teapots. Selina and I have both decided we need those pots in our lives – blue for me please!

I order things with watermelon in just to channel my inner Beyoncé. Delicious watermelon and lime frappe though. 

Selina ordered the Full Aussie, whilst I went for the chill fried egg and bacon brioche roll. I also ordered a side of chipolatas. So so so good.

From our table I could spy a table of sweet goodies including lemon semolina cake, pear and blueberry cake, gluten free chocolate muffins and cinnamon swirls. We’d been there for so long chatting and online shopping that I was peckish again (as usual). I went for a cinnamon swirl, pecan filled and delicious.  

We had such a lovely morning at Granger and Co. I’ve also spied some ricotta hotcakes under #grangerandco on Instagram that I’m now dying to get in my belly! 

I can imagine there’s a super queue on a weekend, so maybe try to sneak there in the week like we did. You can also visit them in Notting Hill too, or Sydney if you’re that lucky.  
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