Hello Autumn!

I found something to fill my new jar with! 
It’s officially autumn! Window displays are a mix of oranges and reds, Christmas shops and decorations are going up, and Starbucks are doing Pumpkin Spice Lattes. My mum has been growing pumpkins on the vegetable patch this year and last weekend her harvest was six pumpkins! At the moment they’re just being props in my photos, but I’m going to have to get round to using them for something – NOT pumpkin pie because that was awful. 
My breakfast needs change with the seasons and soon oatmeal weather will be upon us. For now, it’s all about granola… again. I followed the same basic recipe by Mel’s Kitchen Cafe I had previously used, and then added every nut and grain I could find in my cupboard. This batch was so much nicer than my first attempt. I unintentionally bought jumbo rolled oats, which didn’t make a difference to flavour but I did prefer having larger clusters. The more, the merrier. I added pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chopped pistachios, cashew nuts and hazelnuts. It was baking for around 10 minutes. I initially put it in for 4 minutes then tossed and checked it every minute after that until it was ready. The oats are so tiny and honey drowned that they will burn very quickly if left unattended. 
Somehow, Mum and I managed to eat the whole jar in two days. Whoops. 
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