I am a carbohydrate junkie.

“It’s time to re-evaluate your diet, chuck out some bad habits and embrace a few healthy low-carb lifestyle guidelines.” Seriously? This to someone who runs a baking blog. Who writes these diet books!?

As I write this I’m balancing my laptop (with a few tabs open about weight loss and diets) on one knee and on the other is a low-carb smoothie book… under a baking book… or two. I can’t decide whether I should make lemon meringue pie tomorrow morning or go to the gym. 
I’m actually very good at going to the gym and being active, but I can not stop eating. I don’t understand why as soon as I attempt to re-embark on a healthy lifestyle all the worst eating habits decide to creep into my life. I have no desire to eat McDonalds but now I’m trying to be “healthy” my brain is constantly… 
During my morning ritual scroll down Instagram, the endless fitness and health pages I follow give me the motivation (mostly through jealousy I add) to get up and do something active. Along with the constant feed throughout the day of calorie-free teas and fat busting salads I have no reason to lack motivation to control my diet. I do not want to be a vegetarian or pescetarian or fruitarian. I just want to eat healthily, with killer abs, Beyoncé’s legs, clear skin and still be able to eat as much cake as I can get my hands on. Too much to ask?
Harleigh Reid
Harleigh Reid

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