Italy: Da Donato, Naples

Welcome to Da Donato dal 1956 Antica Trattoria e Pizzeria, a hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of Piazza Garibaldi.

One of the top 10 restaurants (as rated by TripAdvisor) in Naples and booking is recommended.


In Italy, eat as the Italians do. Italian menus are split into 4 courses; antipasto, a hot or cold appetiser; primo, the first course which is usually carb heavy; secondo, the second meat or fish course; and finally dolce, dessert.

Our go-to primo was spaghetti vongole, and the best we had was here!


The pasta was coated with a thick buttery stock, oooooozing with garlicy goodness.


Our secondo wasn’t on the menu but we had seen it go past as we were waiting for our table, so knew to ask for it – grilled tiger king prawns .


I must admit, the dessert here wasn’t amazing, but we had the latest sitting so weren’t left with much choice. There’s not a dessert menu in traditional Italian restaurants, but a dessert case you go to and pick your dessert from. Of all the non-English speaking countries I have visited, the Italians the least tolerant of their non-Italian speaking visitors. I tried my best, but ordering something from the dessert counter was a game of ‘not that one, the next one, up, up, next one… yes!’


Great service, generous portions and an authentic Italian atmosphere. I recommend Da Donato dal 1956 Antica Trattoria e Pizzeria to any visitors to Naples. For all my general Naples recommendations have a read of this! 

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