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Welcome back to The Small Slice. This post is late, again – sorry! I’ll spare you the excuses and get stuck straight into the best foodie and non-foodie pieces I read in March. You can also catch up on my favourite articles in January and February if you haven’t already.

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The school lunchbox police need to mind their own business‘ by Rebecca Reid via

One mum tells a story of her daughter being told off by a teacher for having avocado in her lunch box, because it’s ‘full of fat’.

This is Rebecca’s second feature in my monthly favourite reads (also, January with ‘We don’t want to do weird stuff with breakfast cereal so stop trying to make us). In this article for Metro, I love how she brings mentions how someone’s relationships with food later in life can stem from comments made about their choices as a child. I had school dinners in primary school and most of secondary school, but even making the wrong choice of the limited range in the dining hall would have left you under scrutiny from your friends. However, staff at my school were more concerned with you filing your dirty tray away properly than if you were sufficiently nourished.

The avocado example is a perfect illustration of how ignorant adults are capable of being. Yes, an avocado is full of fats, but they’re good, healthy fats. If anyone is going to walk around inspecting lunch boxes, it should be a qualified nutritionist.

How paella got punked – and the Valencian chefs trying to save it‘ by Matt Goulding via Guardian

Descriptive food writing that evokes the senses and makes you want to book a ticket to Spain immediately!

Paella wasn’t the result of a singular creation from an inspired cook, but a slow evolution of necessity and adaptation, a convergence of land and history and circumstance.

The article is a snippet of Matt Goulding’s latest book Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain’s Food Culture is out now and on my Amazon wish list!

15 Reasons Why Brunch Is A Preferred Turn-Up For Black Millennials‘ by Girl Tyler via Blavity

This piece literally speaks to me. I am a black millennial who’s preferred turn-up is brunch, and for all the reasons in this Buzzfeed-esque countdown.

Brunch is like a live production of soul swipe. Your next “situation-ship” could be seated at the table adjacent to yours. Someone probably had eyes on you from the moment you walked in the door. Stay up.

If you have any recommendations, or have written something you would like considered for the best reads of April drop it in the comments below!

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