National Breakfast Week

All shapes, all sizes, I love breakfast. 8am breakfast or 2pm breakfast, I’m a fan.

National Breakfast Week kicked off yesterday, so I thought I’d share what’s going down for breakfast in my house at the moment. 

I hadn’t made granola in ages so decided to whip up a batch in celebration of this amazing week. Using the same base recipe as always, I gave this more of a maple and pecan vibe by substituting the honey for maple syrup and half of the nut amount are toasted pecans. I used this new brand of coconut oil for this batch that I’ve seen floating around on Twitter quite a bit. I think there’s some kind of label collecting scheme that can earn you a free jar – sounds right up my street. I love free things.

I like my granola with raspberries usually, but I saw this rhubarb on offer at Tesco in the week so thought some stewed rhubarb might also go down a treat. I admit, it’s not the best looking. At first glance through my photos on my MacBook I thought it looked like raw chicken. 

Aesthetically pleasing or not, it was delicious. I was in a super rush to get to work at the time of this impromptu breakfast shoot so pictures are a little sketchy but hey! How many ways can you photograph granola anyway?

“Ready for my close up.”

My parents have practically the same thing for breakfast every day. Only varying slightly depending on what they can get their hands on.

Mixed fruit topped with chia seeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts. This was Mums, she’s not a fan of bananas. 

I think we do quite well on the health front when it comes to breakfast. If I’m not having granola, I’ll usually have oatmeal or a smoothie. My favourite after the gym or a run is spinach, banana and peanut butter. I add some raw cocoa powder too, blitzed all together in my NutriBullet with hazelnut milk (not lovers of cows milk in my house). 

I’m hoping to have some more National Breakfast Week goodies this week so stay tuned! For now, hopefully you can find something delicious here too… 

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