National Cake Week!

I just found out that it’s National Cake Week! Being a dessert loving food blogger, this is practically a national holiday to me and intend to spend the week celebrating it. If you’re joining me, I’ve assembled three cakes that you really should be baking this week. 


I’ll start with one cake you have to make by Delicious Magazine: apple caramel layer cake. Would you just look at her. Mhmmmm! The recipe is right here, don’t be shy.


Delicious Magazine are quickly becoming my go-to food-spiration on every social platform and in print. Here’s one of their cake Pinterest boards with plenty more recipes of theirs to try.

I’ve tried to bake boozy mini cupcakes before but they completely exploded – you try filling a 2-inch cake case to two-thirds! This full sized gin & tonic cake by Victoria Glass at seems much more my style.

For some real fun, go ombre! Have some fun with this celebratory pink ombre sprinkles cake I made for my 100th post. I’m nearing 200 posts, what shall I make to celebrate that?

If you’d rather pick something up than slave over it in the kitchen, I don’t blame you, especially in London. Pop by Ottolenghi to start (you might be a while, would you look at that display!), then pick up a Hummingbird Bakery cake from one of their many branches, and get home as quickly as possible to devour everything without getting frosting on your lips – try it I dare you!

Happy National Cake Week!

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