NYC: Amy Ruth’s, Harlem

I’ve been in New York City baby! Mother and I are in the US on a shopping and foodie tour of New York before scooting down to Miami for a family reunion next week. 

After a long day travelling, and I mean a LONG almost-missing-our-flight kind of day, we arrived in Harlem. We’re staying in the same apartment that I stayed in with my friend Julianne last September. I organised the stay through Airbnb again for this apartment with our hostess Tama. We set out for something to eat, and I chose to visit Amy Ruth’s as it was the last place I had visited on my previous trip but I didn’t have the chance to blog it’s deliciousness. 

I’ve quickly learned that there isn’t a designated time of day for brunch. We didn’t order brunch but I did find Amy Ruth’s on a TimeOut list for ‘the best brunch places in Harlem‘.

After being seated we were brought menu’s and warm cornbread. We didn’t use the butter brought with it, it was perfectly light and crumbly as it came. 
Now on to the real bad boys… 

My eyes went straight to the waffle menu and went for a classic. ‘The Rev. Al Sharpton’ is a mountain of fried chicken on a massive, light fresh waffle. Mother also had chicken and waffle but chose to have her chicken smothered rather than fried. She expected ‘smothered’ to mean BBQ sauce rather than gravy but was happy nonetheless.

Getting straight in. 

I am all for sweet and savoury mixes. Maple syrup on fried anything is pretty much a guaranteed win with me.

It was the last quarter of the waffle that defeated me. I know if Tyler is reading this he’ll be screaming “you can’t leave that!”, but I was so full. I’m sorry okay! 

I left there a clothing size larger than when I’d arrived and that was just meal one of this New York adventure.

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