NYC: Junior’s, Broadway.

On our first full day Julianne and I had decided to go to the shopping outlet at Woodbury Common so we got up early and caught the subway down into Manhattan. We stepped out of our apartment building to discover it was raining very heavily. I had planned to get to a diner somewhere around Times Square but when we arrived the rain was even worse. I’ve been to New York before and remembered some places I had visited on my last trip where we could get breakfast, so ran into Junior’s for tummy filling goodies and warmth.

We both ordered the griddle cakes with bacon and a freshly squeezed orange juice. Amazingggggg!!


We then had an hour coach ride out through New Jersey to the outlet centre and a day of hardcore shopping so were glad that we had enjoyed such a massive breakfast. The intention was to go back to Junior’s one evening to grab a slice of their World Famous Cheesecake but unfortunately ran out of days and stomach space.

Bonus: free wi-fi from the alleyway next door!

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