NYC: Vezzo, Rose Hill

Pizza in New York City is a must! 
Mother and I are very particular about our pizza. We like it thin, crisp and delicious. Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza provided exactly that. There are probably hundreds of pizzerias in New York City, and a range of things to expect when you order ‘pizza’. On a previous trip to New York, I had a taste of what I think is ‘New York Pizza’; super sized thick bargain slices of any flavour you can think of. Not my preference at all.
Beware: when looking for the ‘best’ pizza on the internet, there are so many styles of both American and Italian pizza. The person who has written the review or article might have an opposite pizza love to you. Search for specifics to avoid disappointment: ‘thin’, ‘thick’, ‘New York style’ etc. 
The restaurant was full to the brim when we arrived, with people already waiting for tables at the bar. We joined them and were seated in no time.

I ordered a Shirley Temple, which to my surprise came in a bottle. I’m used to a Shirley Temple being Grenadine poured into lemonade or soda, topped with a glacé cherry. It wasn’t terrible, just excessively sweet as most things are in the US. Their bar seemed to be mainly serving a range of beers and wines.

The choice of pizza was in my hands. I think I made the best decision going for the Salsiccia Dolce: marinara sauce and cheese, sweet Italian sausage, caramelised onions, fresh basil. You can order either a 9″, or a 16″ like us, which is placed on a stand on your table. 

Amazing pizza! So thin (well they are called Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza) and the flavour in those onions and sausage… Oooo! Mum crowned this her favourite meal of the trip. 
The bill came to $41 + tip. Vezzo is a few blocks south-east of the 34th St shopping hub which includes Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret and a jumbo Lady Foot Locker. Perfect little spot after a long day of pavement pounding. 

Last time I visited Brooklyn I had lovely pizza at the famous Grimaldi’s. There was a 45 minute queue but it was worth it. It was really thin but soft, unlike the Vezzo crispness, with stringy cheese and slurp-able tomato sauce. Another pizzeria I had my eye on was Roberta’s. We didn’t have time on this trip, but it’s just another reason to go back! 
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