One Feeds Two Christmas

The Christmas sandwiches are out and the Christmas songs are playing!

Christmas came early in my house this week. About two weeks ago I was told about a revolutionary food concept called One Feeds Two and thought I’d share it with you.

One Feeds Two hopes to add to the efforts in tackling childhood hunger through the use of a ‘buy one, give one’ model.

There are a few partners and brands involved including Richard Branson, Cook and Rola Wala, but for it to be a major success more help is needed. Help from people like you and I, and it’s so easy.

I decided to do my bit with the help of Cook and their Christmas selection for One Feeds Two. I’d never even heard of Cook before but was super impressed, plus their website is gorgeous which also helps! For each portion of a Christmas meal with the One Feeds Two logo on them purchased from Cook, a meal is being donated to school children in Malawi.


My parents are vegetarians, and I hate cooking more than one dinner for three people, so I ordered the nut roast from their website and collected it from my local store at Woodford Green (30 minutes free parking right outside their shop, bonus!) to turn into an early little Christmas dinner.

I’m totally into all the food magazines and supplements at the moment and took my jazzed up Brussel sprouts recipe by Thomasina Miers from Waitrose Kitchen November issue. Brussel sprouts are not my favourite, so I’m open to any method of making them more interesting. Pan-fried sprouts with thyme, honey and salted almonds sounded right up my street.



I’m falling out of love with following online recipes, but I don’t think it could be possible to mess up Nigella’s Maple Parsnips. I couldn’t help but laugh that this was considered a recipe let alone that someone had put their name to it, but hey ho.

I forgot to make gravy. Who forgets to make gravy? It was all delicious anyway.

Share, purchase or join the One Feeds Two initiative and help provide the targeted 200,000 meals needed for school children throughout the festive period and beyond. You can even just donate and calculate here how many meals your donation will provide.

Follow @OneFeedsTwo on twitter to keep up to date with their progress and for more information!

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