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I’ve been eating out a lot in Shoreditch recently. I don’t walk with my camera as much as I used to, so often forget to take enough pictures of the restaurant and my meal for a full blog post. Instead of producing a few visually disappointing posts, I’ve decided to assemble a mini-guide of some of the great food I’ve been eating in and around Shoreditch. Kicking off the list is The Diner, which is an old favourite for two of a foodie’s best-loved reasons; reasonably priced and massive portions. 

I’ve had a fair few chicken & waffle dinners in my time, and this is definitely the most generous portion to be placed before me. Four slabs of fresh, light waffle, with three buttermilk-fried chicken thigh quarters served with slaw, maple syrup and gravy. Exactly what you would expect if you’d ordered chicken & waffles across the pond in the US, but incomparable to the chicken and waffle combos I’ve had elsewhere in London. There are two ‘The Diner‘ branches conveniently close to Shoreditch at Curtain Road and Spitalfields Market.

If you fancy something sweet, then head over to Dum Dum Donutterie in Boxpark. Their donuts and cronuts are baked rather than fried, so you don’t have to feel guilty about the pistachio buttercream, strawberry coulis or white chocolate topping on your donut of choice. Dum Dum operate a “open until sold out” policy, so be quick if you’ve got your eye on a particular treat! 

From Pizza East I present you… not pizza. How about some more donuts? This time, of the hot and cinnamon variety. An intimidating pile, especially if you’ve just wolfed down a whole pizza (like I had), but rest assured you’ll handle these with ease. They’re actually hollow, puffed up by expanding steam as they fry. The cinnamon sugar coating gives them a churro like taste, but much much lighter!
To cater to all your neapolitan pizza needs there’s Pizza St inside Block on Shoreditch High Street. You might not notice Block if you weren’t looking for it. It’s a small collection of food vendors on an otherwise unused piece of land; an ideal lunchtime food court. They don’t have a website but you can have a look at their menu and order Pizza St on Deliveroo.
Poppies is always heaving, with queues out into the street every day. I’m a chips and curry sauce kinda girl, but as both their shops are finalists in the National Fish and Chip Awards, I may have to return for a classic Cod soon. 
Shoreditch is not short of variety. For a good Chinese, and even better happy hour cocktails, The Drunken Monkey is the place to be! You’ll need to be over 18 with ID for entrance in the evenings. 

Last on the list is the newest kid of on the block – The Duck Truck. Shredded duck, slaw, hoisin sauce and green onions all packed into a brioche bun, served with duck fat fries in rosemary salt. Need I say any more? 

That’s my Shoreditch eats all wrapped up! I’m always in the area, and always eating, so I’m sure I’ll have enough material for a part 2 in no time at all. 
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