Table For Two Ep. 001 feat. MunchClubTV

If your read my last blog post, follow me Twitter or Instagram, or have seen me in the last few weeks, you will know that I have started a podcast. ‘Table For Two’ – the podcast created around a love of conversations about and over food.

Check out the introduction to the podcast here:

Most people cook, some people bake, but everyone eats. And the conversations we have at the dinner table, in a coffee shop, even over breakfast in bed can be some of the most organic and thought provoking conversations we ever have. It only seemed right I start Table For Two with a fellow foodie, Nyasha of MunchClubTV. Listen to episode one to hear Nyasha’s controversial opinions on calamari, breakfast and dessert.

Podcast artwork by Jazmyn. Follow her on Instagram and slide right into her DMs for commissions!

Table For Two’s soundtrack is ‘Halloumi Skit’ by Blay Vision. Listen to the album ‘Turner Ave’ by Blay Vision wherever you like to listen to music: Apple Music | iTunes | Spotify.

The menu on this weeks episode is as follows.

Feedback from some listeners asked for some foodie reads, recommendations and recipes based on the content of the podcast. I love that, of course, here you go!

  • Ciabatta is the bread of loveeeee! It’s a mammoth to make (as I learnt on the Bread Ahead Baking Course) so just pop down to their Borough Market stall and pick up a loaf or two for bruschetta!
  • Mouth-watering mushroom risotto recipe – meaty variety here.
  • Discover Naples – where I fell head over heels in love with Delizia al limone.
  • Nigella’s Tiramisu – I haven’t yet tried this recipe but I trust Nigella with my foodie reputation and this looks like sure-fire success.

You can listen to Table For Two on iTunes and almost everywhere you listen to podcasts. Leave a rating and review on iTunes, or drop comments on this blog post or SoundCloud. I LOVE FEEDBACK!

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