Thailand: Bamboo Beach Restaurant, Lamai

Massaman curry – how do I love thee, let me count the ways.



I may have had as many massaman curries as I had pad thais whilst in Thailand. In fact, I had both at Bamboo Beach restaurant, all washed down with a Pina Colada… or three.

Just down the steps to the beach front seating, the restaurant has an ice counter with a variety of fresh fish and seafood. The menu lists the ways in which you can have your fish or seafood cooked once you’ve personally selected it. Mum picked out a whopper and had it fried and topped with chilli sauce.
You might be thinking, ‘they ate all of this in one sitting?’. We probably could have, being the gannets we are, but this is actually all the goodies from two of three trips we had to the Bamboo Beach restaurant. The shrimp cakes are a little bit like prawn toast without the toast – meaty prawns butterflied, breadcrumbed and fried. The vegetable dishes here are a lot more than just a side dish, so I would recommend you get one to share.


Good cocktails, fresh food and free wifi right on the beach. What more could you ask for?


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