Thailand: Food 4 Thought, Chiang Mai

If you have four little furry legs and triangle ears too big for your head, I will find you, and I will stroke you. 

Food 4 Thought is an adorable independent cafe serving homemade, organic food and great local coffee! There’s a lot of choice on their menu, including a whole section of fresh juices. There was a steady flow of customers during our visit, mainly US travellers with their MacBooks seeking the free wifi, no doubt. 

I ordered a fresh citrus juice called The Zing, and The Duck burger with sweet potato fries. 

There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options at Food 4 Thought, one of which mum ordered called The Mushroom, which was a burger-like patty made of lots of different mushrooms! 

Avocado like you’ve never had before! 

Lightly dusted in polenta (maybe) and fried! #EatClean

A brilliant place for breakfast or lunch, slightly off the beaten track, with choices for all dietary requirements and preferences. You can also stay at the apartments directly above the cafe on Airbnb! 

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