Thailand: Kao Kab Kang, Chiang Mai

After visiting Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, one of many temples in Chiang Mai, I was hungry – no surprises there! By this stage of our trip, we were well used to the disappointment eating in the wrong places in Thailand can bring, and when you’re hungry there really isn’t much room for error in deciding where to eat.

Maybe take this next piece of advise with a pinch of salt – ‘when in doubt, ask a local.’ The driver who had taken us to Wat Phra That Soi Suthep was kind enough to then drop us to Kao Kab Kang near the centre of the city (walking distance from the night market). 

Can you see me? 

The food was amazing! Mum had fish (feature image at the top of this post), I went for the staple Pad Thai and we shared pork satay and wontons. It seemed to be a popular spot with tour guides and groups, with a number of guides dropping their clients in during our visit. 

It’s a two minute walk up the road to Chiang Mai’s Art in Paradise, which is a 3D interactive art gallery. It’s great fun, and can keep you out of the blistering heat for a couple of hours!

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