Thailand: Olive Tree Greek Restaurant, Chaweng

One afternoon, Mother and I jumped on our hotel shuttle bus and took a trip out of Maret to Chaweng. We were dropped at our sister hotel, Centara Grand Samui, and ventured out along the main road in search of food. There wasn’t anything different about the style of restaurant, shops and salesmen in Chaweng than Lamai, apart from that we found Greek Food!

Souvlaki for the soul!



Olive Tree Greek Restaurant is about 50m off main road (here) if you turn at Hotel Mercure (pictured behind the sign). Look for the signature Greek blue and white table cloths. We both ordered the souvlaki, with sides of a bread basket and a variety of mushrooms in a delicious garlic sauce. I don’t eat mushrooms but it was great dunking sauce for my bread!
Homemade, warm bread with balsamic and olive oil – heaven. 
As lovely as all the Thai food was, it was great to have a break from noodles and rice. Olive Tree definitely gets a recommendation from me! 


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