The Polish Bakery

I love flour, particularly when mixed with water and yeast to produce bread. So, when I was hand delivered a care package from The Polish Bakery, I was in absolute heaven.


I was asked to test and review their latest product, Chia Seed Bread. Chia seeds are packed with nutrients, particularly omega-3, protein and fibre. I usually sprinkle them on my porridge, cereal or blitz them in a smoothie. They’re great for helping you feel fuller for longer as each tiny seed is able to absorb ten times its volume in water. Once in liquid, they develop a jelly-like coating, and are a great substitute to gelatine when making jam. They don’t have a taste so easily disguise themselves amongst other seeds in The Polish Bakery’s loaf, secretly providing you with calcium and potassium.
I was also sent some of The Polish Bakery’s rye bread and the rye bread with cranberries! I find rye bread quite dense, but my parents thought it was great for breakfast for a few days. We were pleasantly surprised at how long the breads stayed fresh.
I wanted a fair review, so opened the chia seed loaf as soon as I got home and ate a slice straight out of the packaging. I was expecting more chia seeds, it being ‘chia seed bread’, but it was seedy enough for a a wholemeal loaf. I’ve never been one to cut the crusts off my bread, and I love the ends of a homemade loaf. This chia seed bread crust had the perfect crunch and chew, none of that soft stuff.
Mum put the chia seed bread to the test with Moules Mariniere. Dip-alicious.
Move over sourdough. I like my eggs and avocado on chia seed bread.
Not only did The Polish Bakery send me bundles of bread, but also some of their other bakery products including the most delicious fruit baked cheesecake, and apple cake. The fruit cheesecake had the lightest cream cheese topping, with small chunks of various fruit.
Dad’s not big on sugary desserts, but found the apple cake so delicious he convinced himself this was sugar-free. There is no fruit combination greater than apple and cinnamon.
Just one more.
Thank you 2Sisters PR and The Polish Bakery for all your delicious products! Feel free to send more apple cake any time you like.


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