World Nutella Day!

It’s World Nutella Day! A day of celebration for all things chocolate and hazelnut-y. Despite this joyous occasion, I’ve had a bad baking week.

In preparation for this wonderful day, I decided to make some Nutella braided bread, which failed at the first stage of making the dough as my yeast had expired – sigh. Plan B was to make Nutella swirl rolls. I put my faith in a new recipe, one my friend Selina had used for making really good cinnamon rolls before, and planned to simply replace the cinnamon filling with Nutella. 
All was going well until the second prove. I also had somehow managed to roll them the wrong way.
Yeast is such a sensitive little bugger, so I don’t know where on earth I went wrong. They didn’t rise the second time at all, and as a result my layers of dough were thin and baked to a firm cookie like consistency. Having spent 3 hours on them, I was not impressed at all. Even my first attempt at Cinnamon rolls didn’t go that well. Where am I going wrong!? 

My friend Nazmin, however, has had more success with Nutella recipes. She blogs at (give her a read! Be nice, she’s new) and has tried two of Pinterest’s most pinned Nutella recipes here and here
Speaking of Pinterest, I have a Nutella board going on which may inspire you to rustle up something delicious today! There’s also about a million recipes on the World Nutella Day recipe page from a variety of blogs and websites for you to try.

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  1. 16th February 2015 / 5:35 pm

    Thanks Harliegh!!! Your cinnamon rolls look pretty good to me. Love reading your blog- I'm waiting for you to make a Brooklyn blackout cake!

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