Bone Daddies Shackfuyu, Soho

After drooling over countless foodie’s snaps of this place, Selina and I couldn’t resist a visit. Bone Daddies is a group of Japanese style restaurants and pop-ups across London, and Shackfuyu is proving their most Instagram-famous for sure.

Shackfuyu is on Old Compton Street right off of Charing Cross Road, a short walk from Leicester Square or Tottenham Court Road stations. They have a pretty short regular menu and rotating specials, none of which we ordered but here they are anyway. 

Very Clerkenwell Boy, Selina. 

My cocktail was adorable. I ordered the Bone Daddies Punch which came in a miniature bottle stopped with cork, and an accompanying syrup which all went together wonderfully. 

There she is! Along with her Yellowtail Sashimi Tostada. They’re priced individually on the menu, so I managed to get out of having to have one. 

We then went slightly overboard with the ordering. Sorry, not sorry. We shared a total of 8 dishes and a dessert: Korean fried wings, miso aubergine, prawn toast masquerading as okonomiyaki, green beans, fried potatoes with Japanese curry sauce, mac & cheese, edamame, and 2 hand dived roasted scallops. Whoa. 

Everything was delicious, but I’ll tell you about a few dishes in particular starting with that prawn toast. I’m still not sure what the super thin shavings on top were, but they were moving with the warmth of the prawn toast beneath. Unlike any other typical sesame seed covered prawn toast, this had a real taste and texture of prawn. Crisp and flavoursome, my prawn toast expectations have been set very high now. 

I may have had quite a photoshoot of these monster scallops! Cooked to absolute perfection and unique in flavour, these are up there with the top scallops I’ve ever had. 

What originally drew my attention to Shackfuyu was this Kinako French Toast with Green Tea soft serve ice cream. I mean, just say that out loud and tell me you don’t want some!? We opted to share one after our absolute greed feast, which we realised was the most sensible thing when this huge slab of french toast appeared in front of us. I’m quite a fan of french toast (see here and here) and this gave my current favourite, Duck and Waffle’s torrejas, a serious run for it’s money. It was caramelised and crisp on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside. You’ll probably only enjoy the ice cream if you like matcha green tea, but I loved it (and got to love even more of it when Selina admitted defeat without finishing her half – yes!).

Shackfuyu is a pop-up but it’s not clear when it will pop back down. Get down there soon to avoid disappointment. You can only book for lunch time, so arrive there early for a dinner table. There’s also a bar downstairs you can enjoy while you wait for your dinner party and table. 

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