Borough Plates, Southwark

In the last 4 years, I’ve made some amazing foodie friends who keep me in the loop about (and invite me to) interesting restaurant pop-ups like Borough Plates by Cuisson. Borough Plates has inhabited 1 Cathedral Street behind Borough Market since July 2016 and has a ever changing menu dependent on the market’s supplies.


The waitress recommended 4 to 5 dishes between the two of us and explained that the food comes as it’s ready, but in our case that was all at once.

My eyes flew straight to the thyme smoked duck on the menu, shown above with onions and turnip courtesy of Borough Market stallholders Ginger Pig and Ted’s Veg.


We nibbled our way through a Cannon & Cannon spread of British cured meats and sample of breads by Olivier’s Bakery with Oliveology’s vibrant green olive oil. I’m almost an Olive Oil expert thanks to Phoebe Hurst’s guide I featured in my January Reads!


When I started The Small Slice, I used to do mini-features on just calamari. It still is an absolute favourite of mine, and this isn’t the first calamari I’ve had from Borough Market – check this out. The menu lists crispy squid with lemon curd. I hadn’t actually noticed that it was to be served with lemon curd when ordering (I mean, I would have ordered it anyway) but what a GENIUS idea. Saves you squeezing lemon in your eyes and is tart enough to be served with seafood. I wiped up what was left of the curd with some of the bread, not a drop went to waste!


Dessert choice was a no-brainer. I was thinking, just this week, how I managed to get through a winter without any apple crumble. The crumble to apple ratio wasn’t quite like mine, but it satisfied my winter warmer cravings. Apples by Chegworth Valley.


Why have one dessert when you can have one three more! An indulgent selection of wheat-free halva flapjacks and brownie thanks to Cinnamon Tree Bakery.

Book your table at Borough Plates pop-up now before it pops back down!

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