Courtesan, Brixton

A few weeks ago, Mother and I ventured way outside of our East London bubble, across the river and into Brixton to Courtesan. Mother was recommended Courtesan, and had once passed it to see the queue out of the door and down the street. Luckily, during the very early dinner slot on a Wednesday we had the entire place to ourselves. 
We kicked off with some Kraken rum (it was about 4pm but who cares).

The menu is varied with lots of choices for vegetarians and both standard and non-standard (crocodile and frogs legs) carnivores. Unfortunately you can’t view the full menu online so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The Dim Sum menu is viewable here, including these melt-in-the-mouth roast pork puffs.


We thought we should order something green so went for the Chinese broccoli. It was unbelievably fresh; you could taste the health. I quickly ate away the taste of health with squid, pan fried pork dumplings and chicken buns.

Apparently these pan fried pork dumplings are classed as Dim Sum. We also order the pinching crab dumplings and the black ink dumplings, but they were eaten before their photoshoot. 

Dim Sum are generally sharing dishes and, as you can see, portion size is usually in three. Everything at Courtesan is served fresh as it’s ready so expect a slightly staggered meal. I can’t really comment on the service as we were literally the only two people in the whole restaurant at the time, but Trip Advisor has great things to say! 

Don’t be put off by the restaurant’s simple exterior, inside is rather fabulous. It was definitely worth the visit over down to Brixton. What else have you got for me South London?  
Harleigh Reid
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