Food-less Feb

ONE post in February, Harleigh that is a shambles.

My head has been down in my books, but they’ve not been the cookery kind. I’m graduating university in just a couple of months (eeeek!) and have been writing my dissertation which is worth a hefty 30% of my overall grade.

I’ve been posting fairly regularly on my Instagram, so if you aren’t following, head over now! This post is a little round up of the limited amount of foodie goodness I managed to squeeze in around all the studying.

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Pancake day at The Breakfast Club was a treat as usual! I had the lemon meringue special last year, so opted for the banoffee special this time round.

There have been a few dissertation-fuelled breakdowns where only butter smothered pasta would do.

I’ve also started training for a half marathon so have been packing in all the usual healthy stuff for breakfast to give me the energy to get through the day!

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Goodbye February (and your one blog post) and hello March; please bring good weather!


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