Gran Canaria: Bohemia Suites & Spa, Playa del Ingles

After our disappointing dinners in Gran Canaria, Selina and I decided we needed some fabulous immediately, and fabulous is just what we found. 

We ended our holiday with a spa day and dinner at another hotel in Playa del Ingles called Bohemia Suites and Spa. The treatment list isn’t on their website for some reason, so we popped in to get the details and booked our spa day over the phone the day before. 

After we were made very comfortable in the Siam Spa relaxation room, Selina was whisked away for her hydrating facial whilst I made my self at home in the wellness centre. Wellness centre is just a fancy name for jacuzzi, sauna and showers. Just before treatment time I popped back into the relaxation room to… relax I guess. 
I find selfie-taking relaxes me like nothing else.
Selina returned from the treatment room glowing and very hydrated, and in I went for a turmeric body wrap. I was to be wrapped in Saa Mulberry paper (cling film) and given a head and scalp massage (squeeze) to leave ‘feeling your body cleansed and detoxified, and your mind with a renewed vitality’. The body massage was great but all the Reiki stuff did not ‘release my mind’.

I spotted this Men In Black spaceship looking building from our pool on our second day which turned out to be Bohemia’s 360-degree-view restaurant. Our very own Duck & Waffle of the Canary Islands. 
After a quick photoshoot, we stepped into the lift and whizzed up to dinner.

Oh, just a couple more snaps… 

The views weren’t quite Duck & Waffle standard, but they were still pretty good. 

Now onto our meal!

Warm bread and real butter is always a winner in my eyes (even if the butter is still a bit frozen).
We didn’t order starters but were given some complimentary quesadillas. We were the first people in the restaurant so I suspect we were given these to tide us over until the kitchen got going. Great guac.
I was stuck between two choices on the menu, but I’m sure I picked the better of the two.

Shoulder of Iberian suckling pig, confit and roasted, with a selection of aubergine, chorizo, melon and sangria. 

Would you look at that. The crackling was the best I have ever had in my life. Crisp on the outside yet so moist on the inside – how do they do it? 

We were two very happy ladies! 

Selina ordered the duck stuffed “à la Royale” with foie gras, Iberian ham, hummus and vanilla, and crispy green salad. Oddly enough she orders the foie gras at Duck & Waffle too. She wasn’t overly keen on the green salad, “just raw sliced veg.”

I, of course, had to try a dessert. The selection wasn’t great with all the other choices being heavy on the dairy like rice pudding cream and lassi with yogurt. I ordered the banana sponge cake with lime jam and curry and coconut ice cream.  The cake and jam were light and perfectly sweet, almost a mousse, but the curry and coconut ice cream… C’mon we knew that was going to be a disaster just from reading it. 

After dinner we shimmied over with full stomachs and smiling faces to their rooftop bar for some drinks and live entertainment. I had a cocktail called the Alohe which was an aloe vera spin on a mojito and was very refreshing and not as sweet as a standard mojito. Selina stuck by her favourite of Hendrick’s gin & tonic. 

It’s pretty clear this was our favourite day and best meal by miles and miles over anything else we had eaten in Gran Canaria.

I think I should start ending all my holidays with a day at the spa. So where to next? 

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