Pumpkin Maple Bundt Cake

I think my favourite time of the year to be on Pinterest is autumn; deep orange, red tones and browns. Christmas is fun but my feed gets a little too plastic with overbearing ornament displays and buttercream reindeer structures on cupcakes. Key seasonal ingredients during autumn are apples, squashes, nuts and maple syrup, all fitting perfectly into the colour scheme.

My experience with following online recipes has always been hit and miss, but the Guardian recipe archives are always worth a dig through. There are two pumpkin recipes in there from food writer, recipe developer and the girl-boss brains behind Violent Bakery, Claire Ptak. One of which is this pumpkin maple bundt cake. There’s around an hour of preparation which involves roasting a pumpkin for puree, but after my experience with canned pumpkin puree, this time is well worth it.

I cut 20g of each sugar in the recipe which made it much more to my parents liking. I don’t think it needed the additional sugar but more flavour. The recipe asks for a subjective ‘grating of nutmeg’ which I recommend you raise to 1/4 tsp of freshly grated nutmeg. Some crystallised ginger pieces mixed into the batter also wouldn’t go a miss (Mum’s suggestion) for some varied texture.


Happy pinning!

Harleigh Reid
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