Sartoria, Mayfair

On Saturday morning I battled rain, wind and Central Line delays to get to Saville Row for a brunch hosted by About Time Magazine at Sartoria. About Time Magazine is a online publication dedicated to everything it’s ‘about time’ you did. Angelica started About Time Magazine in 2014 and is now hosting events (and incredible brunches) to empower and bring together other young entrepreneurs.
This event was titled ‘how to start your own business’, and was led by Angelica and a panel of successful female bosses sharing their start-up secrets.
The panel comprised of Jessica Titcumb, Sadie Reid, Claire Ptak, Jessica Kruger and Jessica Vince. All incredible entrepreneurs, founders and business owners! The ladies each shared their journey through business, speaking on how to pick a good business partner, what to look for when hiring a team, and explaining how they manage to stay true to their brand philosophy.

After a quick Q&A, it was time to get down to some delicious business of my own.
During brunch, I got chatting to some the ladies on my table about their creative disciplines. Meet interior designer Lauren Caisley; food and beauty bloggers Abi and Cecily; street and fine art photographer Michele; and foodies Janina and Andrea. Networking with these ladies was just as useful as the panel discussion and I hope to keep in touch as their business ideas and ventures grow!

Thank you Angelica and Alicia for the delicious brunch and motivational event. I’ve got some work to do!

Harleigh Reid
Harleigh Reid

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