The Small Slice Bakery

Something very exciting has happened that I forgot to blog about! I have a launched The Small Slice Bakery – a home bakery business with the options on a rotating seasonal menu, custom orders and a (small) store. Well actually, I set up a whole company! The Small Slice Limited is a thing and I am it’s Director. Whoa.

The Small Slice Bakery had a soft-launch over Christmas with Mixed Christmas boxes of chocolate orange tiffin, cinnamon biscuits, mince pies, and rum and pecan brownies. I had so much support from friends, family, colleagues and my online community that I ended up making 668 mince pies throughout December! Thank you all so much!

All the feedback from Christmas trading went into the design of, making is much easier for you to order, presenting a visual menu with full descriptions, allergen information and delivery options.

The menu will refresh on 1st March so if you were one of the lucky recipients of baked goods on Valentine’s Day and would like some more, order soon!

I’ll be getting a link added to the blog for access to the bakery site soon, but for now you can click right here to whizz over to The Small Slice Bakery.


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