The Bucket List

Happy new year! Welcome to 2017. The beginning of the rest of your life… again. Are you ready?


I’m taking this whole ‘new year’ thing a more seriously than ever before. In 2017, I’ve got goals. Some more personal than others, and some that will take more than a year to manage. I’m a firm believer in accountability leading to success (also in speaking things into existence), so here’s a list of what I am going to achieve from this day forward and I’m hoping everyone who reads this list will hold me to it!

  • Trapeze (Carrie Bradshaw style…)
  • Visit The Amazon before we destroy it entirely
  • Go to Pig Beach, Bahamas
  • Eat a real burrito in Mexico
  • Eat Neapolitan pizza in Naples October 2016: Naples, Campania
  • Watch a basketball game at Madison Square Garden
  • Complete a food eating challenge
  • Work in a restaurant kitchen
  • Have a cocktail or meal named after me
  • Host a penthouse party
  • Catch and cook my own fish
  • Make dim sum from scratch
  • Travel the US coast to coast
  • Stop ordering the same food in restaurants. Try new things!
  • Cook more, eat out less.

This is very much a work in progress blog post and will be adding to it as the year, and my life, goes on. Drop your new years resolutions or goals in the comments below and I just might join you!


Harleigh Reid
Harleigh Reid

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