The Small Slice Brunch!

This time last week, I was surrounded by 20 incredible creatives, writers and bloggers at Eastway, Liverpool Street, celebrating 4 years of The Small Slice. It’s hard to believe that I’ve managed to maintain this little piece of the Internet for 4 whole years (okay except the 3 months of 2016 when I was completely AWOL). A mantra I’ve adopted for 2017 from my main man DJ Khaled is to celebrate success. So that’s exactly what we did.


Another success to celebrate was The Small Slice’s first ever event being sponsored by none other than Pip and Nut. As an emerging food brand, there was nothing more exciting than their vote of confidence and support for this event. Pip and Nut started small, with just a market stall, and are now being retailed nationally. An example of how successful any project can be when it is authentic and you are determined.


We kicked things off with all-you-can-eat freshly baked pastries.


As delicious as croissants are, they are the perfect carrier for nut butters and jams. I went in with a bit of both. Pip and Nut coconut and almond butter, of course.


Then in for the reaaaaally good stuff!


The food was fantastic! Slightly unconventional crispy pancakes, but I was a big fan.


Snapchat or it didn’t happen!


Once all the delicious stuff was out of the way, it was time to get socialising!

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A MASSIVE thank you to my amazing guests for coming out to celebrate The Small Slice’s 4th birthday! Check out their pictures across social media using #TheSmallSliceBrunch.


If you’re as nuts about Pip and Nut as I am, then grab their debut cookbook. ALL OF THE NUT BUTTER!!


To another year (or 4) of The Small Slice. 2017, let’s celebrate success.


Harleigh Reid
Harleigh Reid

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