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In a bid to save some money, I have given up Pret A Manger. This may seem ridiculous, but in doing this I will be avoiding spending around £20 a week. Although a visit here and there may be inevitable at lunch time, it’s the breakfast visits that really have go to go.

Soya caramel latte please… and a pain au raisin.

Ditching the pain au raisin is relatively easy now I’ve seen the nutritional information – a whopping 17g of sugar. But the Monday morning caffeine requirements are going to be slightly harder to shift. We’ve got a perfectly useable coffee machine at work with a constant supply of quality beans, but as I try to avoid dairy I can’t get the soya latte I’ve become acquainted to from the likes of these high street coffee shops. Things are only going to get worse. Soon my favourite foodie season will be here (Christmas begins straight after my birthday in August for me). The bells will be ringing, the children will be carolling and I will be indulging in whatever Christmas spiced hot drink Starbucks, Pret or Costa advertise.

I don’t want to give up my morning hot drink, but will save a lot of money if I make one at home and take it along for my commute. In order to save some money, I’ll have to spend some on a travel mug, but I consider this an investment. I’ve been searching high and low for something reasonably priced, stylish and not lined with plastic on the inside (it makes your drinks taste of plastic). I figured I can’t be the only person on this hunt so have assembled this guide to all the options I’ve come across. Whether you just need a travel mug, want to join me on saving a few pennies, or fancy a hot drink for your mornings in the harsh British winter we have coming – here you go!

Some people are practical. No bells and whistles needed, just keep my drink warm! If that’s you, you’re not too fussed about how it looks, and might not be that keen on spending too much on it.


Efterskökt Travel Mug£6.95 | THERMOcafé£6 | OXO£10 | Thermos£23.99


For something a little snazzier.



Corkcicle£20 | Bodem£20 | KeepCup£22.50 | Contingo  – £47


If you don’t mind the plastic, or don’t intend to carry hot drinks in your travel mug, I love these!


Kate Spade Gold Stripe – £14  |  T2 Flash – £16  |  Kate Spade Eat Cake  – £16 | Bando first coffee –  £27 

I get a seat on the train most days, but if I don’t I’ll find it pretty hard to drink a coffee with my face in someone’s armpit balancing my backpack on my feet. For the days when coffee needs to stay hot until you get to work, that’s the job for a flask. I’ve got this one and use it for everything from tea to soup. It has an easy pour screw lid so you can use the cap as a mini mug.

You also get bonus environmentalist points for using a recyclable coffee cup even if you take it to the coffee shop to be filled. In the UK we throw away 7 million coffee cups a day! 

I hope my searching for my perfect travel mug is useful and can save you wasting time doing the same!

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