UK Blog Awards ‘Highly Commended Food & Drink Blog’ 2018

You may remember when I wrote this post about the UK Blog Awards 2018, and gave you some kickass reasons to vote for me this year, and hopefully you caught this post when I announced I was a finalist, but THIS post is a VERY special one. From the hundreds, of blogs nominated for the UK Blog Awards (with a fairrrrrr few in Food & Drink), The Small Slice made it to the final 8, and at the award ceremony on Friday was awarded Highly Commended Food & Drink Blog 2018. That’s second place, guys. The Small Slice came SECOND… *happy tears*

It was a black tie event, so I swapped out my apron for this saucy little ASOS number (closest match to the shoes I could find here).

I did not expect this AT ALL and am SOOOOOOO grateful to everyone who voted on my initial nomination which got me to the final in the first place. The Small Slice has changed and improved so much over the last 5 years, and has many offshoots now on the Instagram, Twitter, Table For Two Podcast and now a tangible business – The Small Slice Bakery.

With all these projects, and the amount of content (and baking) I have to create to keep everything afloat, it really is the wins like this that motivate me to keep going. Meeting other bloggers at the awards and connecting with so many over social media in the last few days has really shown me how epic blogging is, and reminded me that all of the smaller projects and platforms I’ve been able to build all came from

I’m so excited to keep blogging now, which I haven’t actually felt in a while. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!

Food is love, Rev Run.

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